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Hi Nutty Nigel,

Once again you have done a grand job cleaning my HD Springer Softail

Well chuffed with the results.

A very big thank you Nigel.

Harley Ed, Worthing

Hi Nigel

The bike looks amazing..

I know I should be getting the chamois leather out at the weekends more often but the trouble is…

You do such a good job of bringing it back to its former glory that I don’t need to!

Thanks again, cheers

Karl, Epson

Hope you were not traumatised by what you had to face on Thursday 17th April.  My trusty commuting steed, as you so quickly observed, would have been taken into care by Social Services had she been a child.  However, I feel my duty of care was well served by employing your expert services to give my old girl the equivalent of an exclusive spa treatment.

I must confess you demonstrated you know your way around a lady, but whilst we can agree that there is a time & place for some filth today was not it.  An evangelical cleansing of the soul was called for & the church of CBC was on hand to deliver the gospel.  I'm left envious by your ability to delve into the ladies nooks & crannies, ensuring the necessary attention & delivering pleasure.  Such knowledge is second only to your encyclopaedic knowledge of Hobnobs.

The results were astounding!  I'm left with a bike that fills me with pride to ride.  You know people are going to take a second look.  This was a great Easter treat & I'm definitely a happy bunny :-)


“As you can see Nigel from ‘Clean Bike Clinic’ did an absolutely amazing job of cleaning my 3 year old Harley Davidson CVO Electraglide. I had ridden this bike 13.000 miles across America during the summer and it was filthy on it’s return to the UK. I never thought I would get it back to ‘Showroom’ condition. What an awesome service Nigel delivered. If you have never had your bike professionally cleaned it is well worth investing the money, you won’t be disappointed and you’ll be reminded of the day you picked your brand new bike up for the very first time”

- John from Guildford

Had my bike valeted by Nigel for the first time, fantastic job. Bike looks as good as the day it was wheeled out of the showroom. Can’t think what I’ll use the wife for in the future. I’d recommend him to anyone wanting their bike properly cleaned. Outstanding service…

Rob Jamieson - Wych Cross, Sussex


Fantastic job. All day to take it to a better finish then new.

More then value for money.

Many thanks,


Dear Nutty Nigel,

Just a brief accolade to let ya know that in my seriously slippery contention, as far as the cleaning of bikes go the evidence of which is uspported ably by the attachment, YOU’RE THE MAN…

…AND I hasten to add my friend, you’re a very cuddly fellah too!!!

All the best and ride safe…

Jon the Rocketeer

What a job!

After Nigel had spent six hours on my trike, it looked in showroom condition.

I was a little bit wary of someone else cleaning my trike.

But from now on Clean Bike Clinic will always be my first port of call.

Thanks Nigel,

Nic Walker

Harley Davidson Trike

Just wanted to say many thanks for working your magic on my ‘Wing today.

The end result is amazing and went way beyond what I was expecting!

She looks like new; a real show winner!

She wasn’t exactly in bad condition when you started

But you’ve taken her to a whole new level!

Thanks again and see you again soon.

Best regards,


Once again, many thanks. Like I said, I was pretty sure

I’d be getting some very good results from you,

given your gallery photos and your excellent reputation,

but what you produced was even better that I expected!


In my experience people rarely give praise when it’s due,

I am absolutely delighted with the excellent job you did on my Fat Boy.

It looks 10 years younger and 10 Grand more.

I had just ridden my Harley-Davidson Road King over 21,000 miles around the USA in 4 months and it showed!

Before I took the bike to the US, it had a custom paint job of portraits of 40’s and 5-’s actresses and now I had returned to the UK with the bike, I wanted to get it back to pristine condition.

I had tried to clean the bike myself but I found it a real struggle to remove the grime from all those miles, so I called Nigel and he did a fantastic job.

He knows want to use to get just about anything clean and I couldn’t believe how much better he is at cleaning my bike then I am.

I will certainly use the Clean Bike Clinic in the future!

“Proved them wrong”

My Harley V Rod is going up for sale.

Although only two years old it has not been kept in a garage and corrosion had appeared. The rear wheel had become blackened and pitted from brake dust.

The Harley dealer, Warrs said it would need a new wheel as you could not get the marks off.

Nigel of Clean Bike Clinic has just proved them wrong by bringing the bike up like new. His hard work will increase the sale value.

I can thoroughly recommend Nigel if you want to get your bike looking great again.

Ian Treadaway - Putney

“Better then new”

My bike sparkled more after Nigel had cleaned it than it had done when I picked it up new form the showroom 3 months ago.

You will not believe how great Nigel can make your bike look.

You think you love its looks now,

Wait until you see it once Nigel has worked his magic

Sal - East Grinstead

On the recommendation of a fellow blogger and keen biker,

Ian Solley of 7 Ages Custom Motorcycles, I contacted a guy called Nigel of the Clean Bike Clinic, to discuss having him do a deep clean old my bikes. Yesterday, Nigel arrived at my house and spent the day cleaning my red bike and I have to say, he did a fantastic job. Now, I am a person that wants to keep my bikes clean. Dirt on my bikes is just not on the agenda, so when Nigel arrived yesterday almost the first words he spoke after seeing my bike were “Exactly what part of your bike do you think needs to be cleaned?” Meaning it is almost spotless already, but I was on a mission…

I have had my red bike for two and a half years and if you own a bike, you will know that after about that amount of time, it begins to fade and lose its sparkle. Mine was beginning to lose it. Like many who believe in riding their custom bikes to the full, I have put a lot of miles on mine and it was just starting to show, The paint was not as shiny as it once was and the aluminium forks definitely needed some TLC. Hence my call to Nigel - I needed somebody to do what I could not - bring it back to its original pristine condition.

Well he did that, and then some.

Nigel worked on the bike all day. It takes that long.. The results are well worth it.

The sparkle returned.

If your bike needs to be brought back to its sparkle, contact Nigel through his website.

He is based in Gatwick Airport in the South East of England

Gary France - USA Tour on a Harley (Click to view his blog)

It’s still freezing cold and training here in the Garden of England and despite this Nigel from Clean Bike Clinic came over to spend the day working on the Air Bike. It’s always a difficult one for me as I know that I should do this, but every time I try, I just cannot sit there and spend 8 hours detailing every part of the bike.

He does an amazing job using top quality products (Zeppelin), and the bike which is 3 years old (and believe me has been used on the roads) now looks as good as new. Nigel is the guy on the left who looks like rick Parfitt.

Quick credit for the Air Bike - 360 section rear tyre, 23” front wheel, 88” HD twin cam engine, Baker 6 speed RHD, V-Rod Front End, and hand made air suspension - rises and falls at the tough of a button. Oh and it’s very fast (until the sharp corner then you lean like hell and pray)

Cheers Nigel

Ian Solley - Air Bike - 7 Ages Custom (click to view blog)

My R90s 1974 looks amazing after Nigel does his magic, he gets everywhere, leaving me more time to ride. If you love your bikes get Nigel in it makes sense.

My BMW K1200R has just been listed on Ebay as “Showroom condition” thanks to Nigel’s hardwork and the reserve has been reached with 9 days to go.

UI you are selling your bike get Nigel in it pays for itself.

Jonathan Dowe - Lewes

Sorry about the delay in sending a few lines and thanks again for a great job! I ride my bike every day, all through the longest winter in living memory, until the accumulation of road grunge became too much to contemplate! My beautiful bike resembled a greasy cross country courier’s hack bike until Nigel came along one bright Friday morning and methodically worked his magic. After five hours of Nigel’s friendly diligence you can see the transformation and I can hold my head up high as I catch the sideways glances at the traffic lights and bike bays.

Fantastic job Nigel, thanks a million!

Eddy Wright - Putney

This is a very short but nice story

I was considering to sell my “mistress” to someone but I found Nigel that came to my house last week and turned my dirty and rusty friend in apage 3 model again, so I decided that I should keep her where she belongs… with me.

If Heineken would do valet man… they would definitely make one Nigel, he is the best motorbike valet in the world. Many thanks my friend, truly use your services again!

Many many thanks

Pedro Duarte Ramos

I love my Dyna Glide, so I really value Nigel’s mobile valeting service - helping to keep my Harley in tip top condition. Rock on Nigel and see you again soon!

All the best

Regards, John Krayenbrink

Always cleaned my bike myself and was very happy with the result. One day I picked up a card at Loomies Bike Cafe., ‘Clean Bike Clinic’ and wondered what this guy could do that I hadn’t done myself. Well the proof is in the pudding and once you have decided you are going to get your bike done by Nigel, you will not be disappointed.

The smile on your face when you see your bike after he’s done his magic does not go away, the only problem you then have is, do I get on and ride it, or just pull up a chair and look at it and enjoy.

I’ve had my ‘95 Thunderbird 900 just over 18 months and I’ve never seen it looking so good, thanks again Nigel for the great result on my bike and the useful tips and tricks for future cleaning.

Phil Miller - Clanfield, Hants

Hi Nigel and all fellow bikers

When it was suggested to me to get my rocket valeted, i thought no way. But i gave Nigel a call at clean bike clinic. I do keep my bikes in pretty good shape, but wow, when Nigel had finished it was the best i had ever seen it. So much so that i asked Nigel to come back and work his magic on my XJR. I have never seen this bike look so good(except when the wifey is on the back lol). Well Nige, hope you liked the heathfield tea cos we will be calling again.

Sonna – Heathfield  .l